MOD-PAC versus CSP, Inc.

Security analysis is fraught with uncertainty. To analyze investments it requires patience, creativity, and a varied toolbox of knowledge and life experience. Sometimes a situation jumps out at you and makes the analysis easy. This we feel is one of those situations. It compares two companies, MOD-PAC and CSPI, Inc. They both have market capitalization’s near $25 million. We prefer one company over the other. If it is not readily apparent, drop us an email and we will gladly provide the answer. 08-12-08 Update: Since the time we posted this information our initial analysis has been borne out to some degree by the change in market valuation of the two companies mentioned above. CSPI has dropped in value from $25 million to $22 million. Over the same time frame Mod Pac has seen their share price absolutely crater. Our original point stands that Mod Pac was worth less than CSPI. Currently Mod Pac is valued at a mere $12 million. [more]

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