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2013 Year to Date Performance

Year to date (as of 10/31/2013) our model portfolio has returned 25.8% return versus the S&P 500 Average’s 19.9%. Finishing ahead of the market average would result in our Model Portfolio outperforming the market in eight of the ten years we have published the newsletter. Our cumulative return over this nearly ten year period is 405% versus the S&P 500′s 85%. While we have only published the... read more

Year to Date Performance

Year to date our model portfolio has returned 9.8% return  versus the S&P 500 Average’s 16.0%.  Baring unexpected favorable news this week we will fail to outperform the S&P 500 Market average for the second time in the nine years we have published this newsletter.  Our cumulative return over this same time frame is a much more favorable 279% versus the S&P 500′s 54%. While we have only... read more

Model Portfolio Outperforms Again

We did it again. Is it the luck of a coin flipping monkey or is there some other explanation. In 2011 our model portfolio returned 16.2% solidly outpacing the S&P 500 Average. The S&P 500 average, on an absolute basis, returned zero. When you add in the dividends for comparison purposes, the return was 2.1% In our first eight years of publication our model portfolio has outperformed the market in... read more

Post Considers Value of Owning QEPC

Our post on Seeking Alpha lays out the case for owning QEP Corporation. Check it out: read more

Proxy Access Green Light

In a press release dated 09/06/2011 the SEC announced they will be lifting the stay on shareholder proposals dealing with proxy access. The one size fits all approach proposed by the SEC was shot down in the courts and now shareholders can propose a less restrictive approach on a company by company basis. This is music to the ears of activist investors everywhere. The positive changes are just beginning.... read more

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