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Welcome to Investletter

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Investment Advice comes in all shapes and sizes. Some is more trustworthy and some costs much more than others. Our goal is to build a trusting relationship and provide the best possible investment advice at a reasonable price.

Our advice is modeled on an approach that has outperformed the S&P 500 market average in ten of the past eleven years. All of our assets are invested exactly as we suggest to you. If it is not worthy of our money why should it be for yours. We follow fundamental investment principles and aim for market beating returns. If you are tired of sub par performance and investment advisors whose own interests come before yours, consider subscribing to The Commonsense Investletter investment advisory newsletter.[more]

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2010 Year End Performance

In 2010 our model portfolio returned a solid twenty percentage points more than the S&P 500 Average. Our 35.2% return solidly outpaced the S&P 500's 15.1% increase. In the seven years we have published the newsletter we have outperformed the market 6 times. Our cumulative return over this same time frame is 215% versus the S&P 500's 33%. While we have only published the newsletter the past seven years, the same strategy has beaten the S&P 500 average ten out of the past eleven years (year ending 12/31/2010) and returned a cumulative 336% matched against a 5% return on an investment in the S&P 500. It is a lot easier on the eyes viewed from the charts below.

Year to Date Cumulative Return Seven Year

The Truth About Income Taxes.

This article is not a fix for the tax system, but an explanation of the changes that have taken place over the past 20 years. Regardless of your feelings about how the tax burden is divided this article just presents the facts as provided by our friends at the IRS.[more]

Enjoy a risk-free way to subscribe to our market beating newsletter.

Investletter announces a new subscription option. You can subscribe to the Commonsense Investletter for $249 and receive a full refund if we do not do our job of beating the S&P market average. If the advice we provide does not earn you any more than the passively managed S&P 500 market average, you pay nothing. That's right! We will refund 100% of your subscription price. We are providing no value to our subscribers if our advice does not do any better than the market as a whole. Click here to find out more.[more]

MOD-PAC versus CSP, Inc.

Security analysis is fraught with uncertainty. To analyze investments it requires patience, creativity, and a varied toolbox of knowledge and life experience. Sometimes a situation jumps out at you and makes the analysis easy. This we feel is one of those situations. It compares two companies, MOD-PAC and CSPI, Inc. They both have market capitalization's near $25 million. We prefer one company over the other. If it is not readily apparent, drop us an email and we will gladly provide the answer. 08-12-08 Update: Since the time we posted this information our initial analysis has been borne out to some degree by the change in market valuation of the two companies mentioned above. CSPI has dropped in value from $25 million to $22 million. Over the same time frame Mod Pac has seen their share price absolutely crater. Our original point stands that Mod Pac was worth less than CSPI. Currently Mod Pac is valued at a mere $12 million.[more]